Sheikhupura School

Primary school in Sheikhupura, Lahore

The good community elders, teachers, and families of Sheikhupura along with our ground team worked hard together to see to it that deserving children were able to attend a school they could call their own. The school opened in November 2009 and is filled with children who treat their education as a gift. The children are inspired by their teachers on a daily basis to dream big and do their best work to help build a brighter future. Sheikhupura school currently has 130 students, Pakistani teachers participate in annual teacher training, and teachers provide multiple subjects including math and science in a learning environment that fosters critical thinking.

Sheikhupura School

Primary school and vocational training center in Sheikhupura

Barakahu School

Primary school in Barakahu, an urban slum of Islamabad

Vocational Education

Providing skills to mothers and women in the communities we work

Global Kids Connect

An exchange between youth in Colorado and youth in Pakistan

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