Global Kid Connect

An exchange between youth in Colorado and youth in Pakistan

Global Kid Connect facilitates a dialogue of cultural exchange between students in Pakistan and students in the Roaring Fork Valley (with hopes to expand in years to come to other US cities).  We initiated this program in 2010. The first year connected two classrooms in Colorado with two classrooms at MDF schools in Pakistan. The children had so much fun using a blog to share photos, ask one another questions, posting and viewing pictures and drawings they made for each other. Curriculum segments include themes about family, school, leadership, peace, culture, and geography.  Each year we have expanded to include more classrooms, teachers, and students. In 2013 we started partnering with Citizens Archive of Pakistan and their program, Exchange for Change, in order to work with youth that are in higher grade levels than the MDF primary schools. In 2014 we plan to work with 120 middle and high school aged students in Colorado and 120 students in Pakistan. We are excited to share that the students that have participated in this program to-date have testified that their experience participating has revolutionized how they view the people and host country of their pen pals.  many have gone on to keep in touch independently with their assigned pen pals.  We have also had a female student in Pakistan that attributes her ongoing ability to attend a MDF school to the relationship she had with a classmate in Aspen.  Her father pulled her from school and despite the many attempts by the teachers to convince him to allow his daughters to continue their studies, it wasn't until the Project Manager showed him a letter from his eldest daughter's pen pal.  He was so moved that someone that lived so far away was so interested and supportive of his daughter's activities that he was compelled to re-instate her and her younger sister.  The power of understanding, compassion and empathy must start somewhere! If you or anyone you know is interested in initiating an exchange or implementing curriculum that helps students in the U.S. learn about Pakistan please contact us at  See  videos about the program below.  Feel free to listen to a radio segment about GKC by Executive Director and Program Director here. And check out recent GKC coverage in The Aspen Times here. Last year, Aspen Community School teacher Bryan Long led his students in Global Kid Connect activities, allowing the students to share more about themselves and their school with their Pakistani counterparts. Here is their final video project for the Pakistani pen pals

Sopris Elementary student, and previous participant of the Global Kid Connect program had an opportunity to do a special project and due to her exposure learning about Pakistan, she was inspired to select historical figure Benazir Bhutto:

Another student at Sopris Elementary created this presentation to show her peers what she had learned about Pakistan: Maddie's presentation 

Sheikhupura School

Primary school and vocational training center in Sheikhupura

Barakahu School

Primary school in Barakahu, an urban slum of Islamabad

Vocational Education

Providing skills to mothers and women in the communities we work


Global Kids Connect

An exchange between youth in Colorado and youth in Pakistan