Updates on all MDF activities in the field can be found on our facebook page

Vocational Training Program
Please visit the blog that detailed the progress of the pilot project end of 2012 here.
Quarterly project reports can be found on Global Giving here.

Primary Education Program
Kids Enjoying the party by Dancing at the Fall 2011 Eid Milan Party
Recently the students were taking part in the Eid Milan party, an important holiday for the Muslim population. Click on the images to watch videos of the MDF students.

Spring, 2012: Students ceremony after finishing their end of the year examinations

A special day with students, parents, and teachers. Students give performances and receive awards!

Girl delivering speech – a darling video of one of the MDF students showing her English skills and knowledge of her country!

Father giving presentationPlease see translation in English below video.

Quarterly project reports can be found on Global Giving here.

Global Kid Connect Program
Partner Citizens Archive of Pakistan- Exchange for Change documented Global Kid Connect program in 2013 with U.S. & Pakistani students:

We are delighted to share that we have maintained a great retention rate for both students and staff. We are constantly streamlining processes and protocol for support and reporting between the Pakistani & United States staff.


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