Allies in Action Allies in Action (AIA) is an innovative opportunity for individuals interested in convening with others in their city to advance the mission of MDF in grassroots networks. AIA groups are self-governed and are encouraged to meet on a monthly basis, quarterly, bi-annual or annual basis. It is also acceptable to do a one-time event. AIA set goals relevant to the group as it relates to Marshall Direct Fund activities, fundraising, partnership development, and awareness generating campaigns. You and your friends, family and/or colleagues can design activities for the group that lead to increased learning about the culture of Pakistan, the education sector and the importance of educating women and girls.. AIA Development Are you, or someone you know, interested in advocating for women, children and access to primary and vocational education in Pakistan? Perhaps you, a friend or someone in your network is looking for a worthy cause. We have several tools and ideas to help start a new circle, and will provide plenty of support. If minimum fundraising goals can be met we can send MDF President, Project Director or Board of Director members to your area. Learn more To find out more about starting or joining an Allies in Action group, and to receive an information packet, call 303-319-4230 or email